O2: Creation of Evaluation Framework

O2: Co-Creation of an Evaluation Framework for Blended Teaching and Learning

This project involves the collaborative creation and development of an Evaluation/Quality Framework that serves as both an internal (Self) and external (Inspection) tool for assessing the quality of Culturally Responsive Blended Teaching and Learning in Schools. To prepare for this project, a raif review was conducted on existing teacher competence frameworks to examine how they incorporate the principles of blended intercultural learning. For reference, the work of Roulston and Hunter (2020) was consulted. The following frameworks were assessed: UNESCO ICT CFT, DigCompEdu, ISTE Standards for Teachers (ISTE-ST) Framework, and iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework.

Expected Impact and Transferability Potential

The REBEL Evaluation Framework is anticipated to be utilised by schools across partner countries to assess the integration of culturally responsive blended learning practices within their educational environment. This framework will be designed as a tool for schools to engage in self-reflection regarding their comprehension and implementation of Blended Learning. The co-creation and construction of the Framework will be informed by insights gathered from the REBEL Case Studies, prior project preparation and planning (as described in Austin and Hunter, 2020, Roulston et al., 2020), as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the practitioner training program’s implementation.

Evaluation framework (English, Greek, Maltese):
English Greek Maltese