Project Summary

The word “blended” in blended teaching is used intentionally. Blended teaching goes beyond technology integration that simply adds online content or online discussions to an in-person course. The activities should be integrated in such a way that the online activities support the in-person activities and vice versa. (Graham  et al, 2019)

The Repurposing Education through Blended Learning (REBEL) project is both a surgical response to remote teaching and learning experienced across the world due to the impact of Covid-19 and a longer-term plan to support improved learning for all children.

The project has three phases. The first phase consists of a systematic review of the evidence on the use of blended learning in schools, supplemented by the experience of the team and by case studies of blended learning in each of the 4 partner countries. These case studies will provide rich contextual insights into the way that blended learning is understood in primary schools and across different subjects in secondary schools.

The second phase will concentrate on the development of teacher professional learning, a teacher toolkit and an evaluation framework. In the final phase of the project, a MOOC will be launched that integrates the learning from the previous two phases.