VisMedNet is an association of professionals set up to bring together professionals who share an interest in youth and employment, education and research, entrepreneurship and innovation. Its team includes professionals backgrounds with more than 18 years experience in projects at local, EU and Mediterranean level besides a pool of cooperative experts that sustain its activities in various fields.

It is an initiator of activities and experimentations as well as a partner in several projects within its fields of expertise.

Youth & Adult Education Mostly On The Subjects Of Employment, Career Development And Entrepreneurship
  • Starting up and management of InternPoint programme working on several mobility projects related to internships in Malta for HE, VET and adult learning students, NEETs and ad hoc groups.
  • Starting up of the InternPrize experimental dynamic for project based internships in culture, media, IT and creative industries.
  • Partner and now still leader in exploitation of Youths Collecting Memories : Youth in Action project on media education for youths in the context of preservation of traditions through oral heritage.
  • Co-Coordinator of Creative InternPrize : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership VET on training on start-ups in the creative industries and setting up of a new platform for interaction between students, trainers and industry.
  • Partner in Empowerment through Enterprise : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Youth on the creation of opportunities and training content for disadvantaged groups of women.
  • Partner in Street Food Opportunities For Youth : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Youth on the skills for start-up and management in street food and preservation of traditions.
  • Leader of two E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Youth projects all under its InternPrize initiative that involves young people in real practical projects that are a learning and training opportunity while building a curriculum of experience on real life projects in the creative industries mostly social media strategies and marketing.
  • Leader of another E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Youth project engaging youth leaders in research on skills that make young people more employable.
  • Partner in Opportunities for Youth in Pop Culture : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Youth on training in entrepreneurship and startups in popular culture.
Education, Research & Innovation
  • Runs a concepts lab for the creation of project ideas and proposals in education together with 7 partners around Europe and Turkey.
  • Is a specialist in the generation of sustainable communities and networks lately more focused on Communities of Practice.
  • Co-Coordinator of VISConti project : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership VET for the creation of a Community of Practice platform and dynamic on sustainability and creativity in science.
  • Co-Coordinator of UPPScience project : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership VET for the augmentation of the VISConti CoP and the setting up of online publishing in education and peer review.
  • Co-Coordinator of ErasmusBUS : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership VET on cross curricular modular learning on technical design for future car professionals.
  • Co-Coordinator of MaTE : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership HE on mapping of innovation in teacher education.
  • Co-Coordinator of Business Ideas Generation : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership VET on the skills for building sustainable business ideas that would be in close cross project cooperation with this project.
  • Co-Coordinator of Future Planners : E+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Youth on real and effective community consultation in the area of human centred urban development projects.[/su_spoiler]