O3: Creation of Toolkit

Based on results derived from Outputs 1 and 2, this output concerns the Co-Creation and Development of a Toolkit to facilitate Blended Teaching and Learning in Schools. CoOrdinated by PDST-TiE, within this, we will in collaboration with school personnel and students from the Case Study Schools, develop and Pilot a multilingual toolkit that will provide detailed guidelines and tools for school leaders, school inspectors/support agencies and teachers to engage with blended learning for intercultural education in schools.
PDST-TIE will coordinate the development and dissemination of the toolkit. Each partner will provide input, feedback and remedial actions for improvement of the toolkit. In collaboration with case study schools in their countries, they will pilot the toolkit to ascertain impact and areas, modifications required for improvements. The toolkit will also be
translated and subsequently available in each country’s native language. The toolkit will be piloted in each programme country (5 schools per country) to explore its relevance and ensure it is making a planned positive impact. Each partner will also provide feedback and remedial actions for improvement of the toolkit throughout its development.

Elements of Innovation

This output is innovative in not only providing a toolkit for the development of blended learning in schools but doing this in a way that takes account of cultural differences between schools and within schools. Using co-creation as the research development process, it will be the first time that the development of a blended learning toolkit has been created with teachers at the core of the design and piloting process.
By way of explanation, this new concept demands new approaches, new identities and new competencies therefore, a strong and sustainable toolkit ensures its effective implementation. To ensure high accessibility of the toolkit in all participating countries it will be available in three media: book, e-book and interactive resource. The findings of the pilot study of the innovative and comprehensive Toolkit will feed into the refinement of the Toolkit to facilitate blended learning.

Expected Impact

The toolkit will have an impact on blended learning in school networks. The toolkit being open access and available in many languages will impact the different participating countries.
Moreover, having the toolkit available in English, and other languages makes it highly relevant and useful for multiple stakeholders.